About Us

At the core of who we are, we at Northwest Theatre News, believe that creators deserve to be rewarded for the work that they create. Another way to phrase this is that we believe that creation leads to an increase in wealth for our society, and that in turn the more “wealth” we have eventually leads to more creation.

After all, isn’t art a reward for all of us?

This is why we exist, we believe in a better system, and we think it starts here.

We want a community of people who share extraordinary relationships. We want to set a stage for the creatives of the world, the accepting drama geeks, the visionary artists, the storytellers and  musicians, the people who carry culture and help us let go of stale thought patterns— so that we can influence the world around us.

We want a platform that lets us support each other, that helps us promote one another, and enables ALL of us to connect with the rest of the world.  

SO, we built one.

With our site you have the ability to promote your performances, see what kind of events are going on in your community and post content that you create. You can share a professional listing or have that article you wrote about how “Math is Essential to Technical Theatre,” published and then share it with all your friends. As a member of a production team you can contact other schools or venues in order to rent or exchange props and costumes, or even cross collaborate on upcoming projects. The possibilities are limitless, and when we work together, so are we.

Thank you for continuing to push us farther as a company, we strive to meet any needs that are brought to us, and we encourage you to reach out, if ever you need.


The Northwest Theatre News Team